in the picture

you have to get out into the garden to get into the picture.  even if like now it is several months later.  yes it is a bit of chaos out there.  it is hidden sometimes by editing.  i was going to say careful editing, then decided that it was to limiting. to anti-chaos.  and sometimes we need to acknowledge the chaos.  and live with it.  not deny it.  not sugar coat it.  and not try to hide it.  so now on to the chaos of the flower.  one of mine.  named even.  named with help from a gardening friend.  Rainbow Afterglow from a big flower – Open Hearth and a little flower – Little Rainbow.  from old chaos comes new chaos.  four images  – sometimes the focus changes and we still need to look…

rainbow after glow out of focus IMG_1536 rainbow after glow focus IMG_1537

rainbow after glow det IMG_1537 rainbow afterglow macro




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