the care free garden

i do not want one.  a care free garden that is.  i am beginning to think it is nearly impossible.  the garden should be a place where we can go to forget about problems.  there is no garden big enough to cause problems to be released.  when half a world away more than 100 children are killed the cares are too loud to silence.  there is no room for the hate that has harmed these children.  there is only room for prayer for the families that have been hurt.  prayer to walk away from hate.  start the prayer…

seedling img_1566 det

8 thoughts on “the care free garden

  1. bob battersby

    I agree. A care free garden wouldn’t allow us to do what we do best and that is garden. Gardening keeps us grounded (no pun intended) and in touch with the soil and Mother Nature.

  2. clarepooley33

    I agree. A garden is a microcosm of the world and its troubles – we do battle there; we win some and lose others. While we are gardening we are sorting out our own personal troubles in our head and come indoors refreshed. I am appalled at what has happened in Pakistan and is happening all over the world in the name of God and religion. God would not want anyone to suffer in this way – especially the young and innocent. I join you in prayer.

  3. scorchedeyebrowstudio

    Gardeners, especially those of us with perennials, are a hopeful lot. We must do all we can to perpetuate that hope – nurturing and attending to all who populate our lives, our gardens. Peace and love and kindness to all.

  4. woodlandgnome

    Dear John, Thank you for this poignant post. The hatred and violence which allowed that attack sicken me, and the warped thinking which sanctioned it is appalling. Why are our major religions, claiming their roots with Abraham, so steeped in violence? Something to ponder. Whether one reads the Torah, the Koran, or the Bible one finds violence and war. Religions steeped in blood. My closest friend grew up in Pakistan, and raised her children there. She and her sisters have been active in bringing education to the poorest children there (girls and boys) for decades. She has been in Virginia long enough now to be a citizen and has her daughters safely out of Pakistan making their lives elsewhere. We actually have already begun the prayers for healing for the children and their families- and for all of us touched by the pain watching such horrific events creates. The entire planet is our garden, and still, that isn’t big enough to release such pain. But we still can put our hands in the dirt each day, nurture something beautiful, and be the peace we want to bring to our planet. With prayers for peace and healing, WG


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