point of order

i have occasionally heard complaints about the color yellow and its association with certain beautiful flowers.  as if there could be too many yellow flowers.  heck there is even a flower named ‘Just Another Yellow’.  i am guessing there is a bit of irony involved in that choice.  when the day arrives that too many yellow flowers grace the garden, so much so that their glowing brilliance chases me from the garden, perhaps then i just might consider there is a tad too much yellow.  until then i will choose to live in denial.  that is denial.  not de Nile.  i am strongly allergic to hippos and crocs.  and now to wander gracefully back to yellow… three images  oh and the cross is Carmine Ibis x Fol de Rol

Carmine Ibis x Fol de Rol  garden IMG_1569


Carmine Ibis x Fol de Rol det IMG_1569 Carmine Ibis x Fol de Rolmacrot IMG_1569




7 thoughts on “point of order

    1. John Hric Post author

      Clare – I guess some people get bored with too much yellow. or have a preference for other shades. visually from 50 feet away yellow wins. it just totally stands out. the closer in you come the other colors come into play. maybe that is part of the reason.

  1. dbp49

    Considering the sun saturates us in his yellow light and no one complains about that, I think we can handle a few more beautiful yellow flowers. And this one is certainly beautiful.

  2. woodlandgnome

    Thank you for saving these beautiful images for the depths of winter. They are as beautiful as the returning yellow sun- which we’ll see again at some point….. Gorgeous flower, with such graceful petals. It transports one to July, if only for a moment. Merry Yule, John, WG


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