some one has to do it…

the things that go through a gardener’s mind.   sometimes when you cross one plant with another you look back and wonder if you have got yourself ( and the new plant ) to some place a little different.  has anything changed ?   well the obvious answer is yes – most likely the genetics have been stirred, even if the child plant has not fallen too far from the form and looks of the parent plant.  the other half of the answer is – make that next cross with the child plant and see if the next generation still looks the same !  often that next generation will tell a new story.  maybe just a little different, still it is different enough.  so here is a seedling and the second picture is the parent and the seedling side by side.  first the seedling Coleman Hawkins x Coburg Preview and the second picture Coleman Hawkins alongside the seedling.

10-098 Coleman Hawkins x Coburg Preview det

coleman hawkins sbs 10-098 coleman hawkins x coburg preview




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