?  is it  fair to compare two flowers from the same garden on the same day ?   pictures from a summer day mind you.  both yellow.  one is tetraploid – more chromosomes.  and one is diploid – less chromosomes.  one has ruffles.  one has a smooth edge.  one is a bloom twice the size of the other.   one is called Melodye Campbell and one is called Little Rainbow.  so is it fair ?  how would you compare…?  three images

melody campbell det

little rainbow det 003 little rainbow clump 003



3 thoughts on “fair

    1. John Hric Post author

      If I understand you that would be Little Rainbow. And I agree. I will gladly take the simple and smaller bloom of Little Rainbow over the ruffles and larger bloom of Melody Campbell. It is all preferences. And that is mine.


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