this is an orange seedling.  no tag.  it does have a tooth.  a few of them.  tiny little triangles along the edge of the petal.  other hybridizers have taken flowers like this and crossed them to produce flowers with teeth all along the edge.  flowers that look to have solid saw tooth edges.  flowers that almost look dangerous.  well maybe if you have a really far fetched imagination.   the other detail – scheduled posts in wordpress take some understanding.  one that i have not quite managed.  yesterday’s post did not appear  on schedule.  then again when hasn’t life been an adventure.  so much for the details.  one image…

orange unknown with tooth det

9 thoughts on “details

  1. susurrus

    Lovely seedling in sunset colours! I’m new to WordPress, so no expert, but I’ve noticed that a draft you’ve saved then go back to finish and publish later is sometimes dated retrospectively (on the day you started it). I don’t know if your difficulty yesterday is connected to that but it might be worth going back and checking.

    1. John Hric Post author

      thanks susurrus. actually I set the time and date. when WP thinks the time and date happens is the question. it was not my local time that i had expected… it was several maybe 12 hours after expected.

  2. dbp49

    I think you picked the perfect bloom for my first attempt at rising from bed a sick bed with a nasty flu. The flower is working wonders at improving my outlook on life. Have a great New Year.

  3. Lasgalen Arts

    I have a gazillion of these orange day lilies. In New England they are found in everyone’s yard and along the sides of the roads. They are easily transplanted and I think this is why there are so many.

    1. John Hric Post author

      while this one may seem similar it is not a roadside daylily. the roadside daylily usually has a red eye. and the roadside daylily is usually a triploid. that is 33 chromosomes. mostly sterile, aside from the fact it multiplies vegitatively by runners. the daylily pictured here is most likely a tetraploid – 44 chromosomes. and while perhaps it is a stubborn parent, it is not nearly so stubborn as the roadside ditch lily. it is always good to start with similarities ! welcome ! and thanks for your comments.


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