road lily

a k a ditch lily.  a k a kwanso.   a roadside daylily with double flowers.   also a daylily that my neighbors have that keeps trying to grow into my daylilies.  lets just say messy and aggravating.  and like the flower a couple of days back the inner layer of petals often have a stamen attached because they are petaloids.  that is not true petals.  and they have the red eye zone next to the yellow throat.  and they have that odd number of chromosomes, three sets, thirty three chromosomes to keep things mostly sterile.  just don’t plant them next to a treasured plant.  because they are liable to grow up, over, and through said favored plant.  this plant sends out runners.  next to the road or by itself it is okay.  oh and most plants – given the right environment would do the same thing to the competition.

road lily det

7 thoughts on “road lily

    1. John Hric Post author

      a fair description Dan. In the right place they are nice. creeping under the fence and into other garden beds they are a persistent nuisance. some days that is what one gets… and it gives me a reason to dig.

      1. John Hric Post author

        It is not so much the creeping under the fence that I mind. it is once they get mixed in with another daylily root ball they are almost impossible to un-tangle. for years afterwards the road lily will keep reappearing where it is not supposed to be. And keep spreading where it is not supposed to be. there are just a handful of the hybridized varieties with this nasty trait. and they too are much (not) beloved by gardeners. It is too much like mint. a ground cover that once you have it is impossible to get rid of it. of course that is the very definition of ground cover. two words that can make me automatically go to two other words – NO THANKS.

      2. John Hric Post author

        It says something about small hand held computing technology – there are always messages. some stranger than others. tablets, phones, laptops, and desktops are all different levels of technology. Though sometimes desktops and laptops cope no better with specific data. I am soooooo glad it will be a new year. one with brand new chaos….. Happy New Year Dan !

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