the absence of somethings defines the other.  the absence of light defines dark.  the absence of heat defines cold.  the absence of wet is dry.  the absence of wind defines calm.  other times what we might consider two opposites actually have nothing to do with one another.  the absence of love is not hate.  hate is entirely something else.   and once you begin to really understand love it becomes clear that there is no room for hate.  the absence of flower ?  that would be an empty moment that is to be corrected.  two images…

10-107 highland pinched fingers x Blessed art thou macro 10-107 highland pinched fingers x Blessed art thou det


7/14   10-107 highland pinched fingers x Blessed art thou


9 thoughts on “absence

    1. John Hric Post author

      I agree Steph. Though I think in a snap quiz too many would answer the other. As for flowers and winter try pansies and hellebores. and now I should take my own advice on that count. though I am not sure where it is safe to land the hellebores. they would most likely compete with the blossoms which must not be displaced. thanks for stopping by and your thoughts.

      1. Steph

        thank you, John. I have neverf heard of hellebores but will google them.

        Pansies seem so fragile and yet they are hardy plants arent they!

        One year I tried snapdragons. And maybe I should try them again. 🙂

      2. John Hric Post author

        You are welcome. If you are on FB join the Heavenly Hellebores. It is worth it if only for the wild variety to be seen. Depending where you are snaps sometimes make it through the winter. though they seldom bloom in the cold the way pansies do.

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