more sibs

there once were some seedlings from a cross of Smoke Scream x Diabolique.  this could of been one of them.  the other one is still here planted up front along the porch.   the reason for the cross ?  both of them poly occasionally – they throw and extra set of petals.  the hope of the cross – that the seedlings from the new cross would poly more often.  this is one of those seedlings.  time will tell if it polys more often.  three images, first one from last growing season (2013), and two more from this year…  and no it does not always poly.

smoke scream x diabolique sib cross det 2013 QQQQQ

smoke scream x diabolique sib cross macro QQQQQ smoke scream x diabolique sib cross det QQQQQ




8 thoughts on “more sibs

    1. John Hric Post author

      WG – whether it is triggering memories or triggering other thoughts it is a good thing to look at the flowers and reflect. Not too weird. Warm and dry here and coasting towards spring. You keep warm and dry too. Thanks

      1. woodlandgnome

        Thank you, John. Spring? Remind me again what that feels like? More ice today. I was out in the garden with the camera first thing trying to capture the beauty of sunrise on an ice covered world 😉 Best wishes, WG

      2. woodlandgnome

        😉 We get a bit of a rest in January, and then back outside and at it by February 😉 All in all, a beautiful month if we can just relax and enjoy it. Best wishes, WG

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