things to ponder

on a cold January morning.   like why at this hour am i not abed ?   or is it possible to speak of a flower when its image is all that is before you ?  well if one is smart one steps back and makes way for the flower.  and keeps the talking to a minimum.   two images.  take your time.  and listen for the flower…

12-001 unknwn purple macro

12-001 unkwn purple det



11 thoughts on “things to ponder

    1. John Hric Post author

      We have a tad bit of a thaw here – grass showing in some secluded sun facing corners… yeah i am getting itchy a bit for spring even if there is two months to go.

      1. woodlandgnome

        Well John, we only got between 2″ and 3″, but there is still snow in shady places and on the deck. It has been so cold despite the bright sunshine. At least your lovely daylily roots are protected with a blanket of snow. Did you know the roots are edible? I’m reading a book on perennial vegetable gardening, and they recommend eating the leaves, roots and flowers. How horrible…

      2. John Hric Post author

        supposedly all parts are edible. I have fried a few blossoms and tasted them. okay. still much better in the garden visually that is…

      3. woodlandgnome

        And that is exactly why mine get eaten to the ground so often… never considered eating the leaves or spring shoots. I’m all about enjoying the flowers. Why eat day lilies if you can have pizza???

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