the same path

tonight like the last two nights we are walking the same path in the seedling bed.  the same section where the tags and labels are buried deep in the foliage and anonymous abounds.  the anonymous of nature where the label of no man is needed.  and still if a moment is taken there can be more thoughts than just pretty.  two images…

12-003 unknwn lavender macro 12-003 unknwn lavender det





9 thoughts on “the same path

      1. woodlandgnome

        Very funny. My neighbor across the ravine actually suggested we should all plant things the deer can eat to help them make it through the winter. She is an animal lover, not a gardener, though a very nice person. Deer licks were mentioned…. but in the context of salt licks containing contraceptives! Do you think such a thing can be bought???

    1. John Hric Post author

      given a choice of alphalpha and daylily the deer leave the daylily alone. not too much of that in the city. that or a spot the deer have not found… glad you like the flower Clare !


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