wake up !

no not you, me !  look how he lays there on the garden path dead asleep  like an hay leahon visitor.  tightly clutching that bloom like an otherworldly creature transfixed by visual floral onomatopoeia.  doesn’t that flower look strange and unnatural to you ?  the first clue would be the flower scapes in the background.  look at them.  there are too many – well maybe they don’t all show here.  still unlike their other seedling brethren where they would only have two or three scapes this plant has  six or eight.  and yes they are all the same age.  this plant is just an over achiever.  strangely enough this flower we know one name from its sorted past.  Volcan Fuego and some other illogical cross.  so let’s move on down the garden path and step gingerly over the sleeping extra terrestial.  and his extra blooms.  one image  and what ever you do when you step over him… do not wake him up….  on to the next flower

12-005 volcan fuego x qqq IMG_6165 garden




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