we have now left to seedling bed.  still on the path.  and this is someone else’s lovely.  the flower is called Sky Captain.  you might be able to see the work of  the apprentice pollinator.  the pistil is hiding under a coat of pollen.  there should be some seedlings coming along from this one and more to plant this spring… two images

sky captain det sky captain macro



5 thoughts on “walking

    1. John Hric Post author

      i do think the proper response is yeeha ! All i saw today were rainbow reflections off the snow… if not for the sunglasses it mighta been snow-blindness. the blue sky and the sun did make a nice change from the falling snows….

    1. John Hric Post author

      David, i had to go back to the post and image and look. some people enjoy the midrib stripe. other people do not worry about it. and others find it distracting to the rest of the flower. i look at it as just another presentation of the flower. in some flowers it really plays into the overall presentation of the flower. if there were a snap quiz on Sky Captain and one question was Yes or No on midrib coloring i would loose a point. mainly because the whole flower usually fascinates me. it is one of the last to bloom in the garden and it is tall. so it holds these lovely 5 and a half inch blooms up where you cannot possibly miss them. then there is the part where for me the added bonus comes in. this plant is both pod and pollen fertile, so it is a great source of new seedlings. Glad you enjoy the flower David. and next time i will be ready for that snap quiz !


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