plain yellow excitement

another seedling.  yellow.  just yellow.  for the color that is.  it was moved to the observation bed this past summer.   this summer we should answer the question if the flower scape will come back as strong as it was in the seedling bed.  we already know it has fairly good branching and bud count.  and we shall see what it does crossing to other flowers.  perhaps we will start with the seedling from yesterday’s post.  or something else.  three images…

11-081 Walking The Pattern x (Smoke Scream x Talon)  grdn

11-081 Walking The Pattern x (Smoke Scream x Talon) det 11-081 Walking The Pattern x (Smoke Scream x Talon) macro


10 thoughts on “plain yellow excitement

      1. John Hric Post author

        Roughly. It really depends on the summer. It used to be the beginning of July ( 10 years ago). If the year is really hot it can start in May. And then everything usually finishes earlier too. This past year bloom started slooowwwly about the last week of June.

      2. flahertylandscape

        This built in flexibility or variability in seasons and plants’ reactions to seasonal variability always intrigues me–makes every year different, doesn’t it?

      3. John Hric Post author

        so i am learning. for the longest time i thought daylily season started after the first week of July. now i just wait and watch. and enjoy.

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