i was going to start this off with orange.  the earliest daylilies were basically orange or yellow and fairly plain.  not that there is anything undesirable about a plain flower.  that is just where they started.   and then someones had dreams.  how about another color ?  or a dream of orange plus a little bit more.  today those dreams take all sorts of forms.  today’s flower is a dream in the works.  the name gives it away – Amethyst Geode.   a geode is a plain round looking rock on the outside.  until it is broken open and gems and crystals of all sorts are found.  this flower has the beginnings of such a surprise.   under the dark eye zone is a lighter area.  not much to look at in this flower – just a hint.  in a few generations that hint might just become a gem.  three images…

Amhyst Geode det

Amhyst Geode macro Amhyst Geode macro 2


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