this is one day compared to another.   and the watching of how a plant will mature.  not every day is skinny and pinched.  at least not the first year.  two images…

party array x john sheehan det party array x john sheehan macro




6 thoughts on “watching

  1. thetransmutationalgardener

    I really love your daylilies. They’re all so beautiful. Mine started peeking of the ground about two weeks ago. The little leaves have made it through a couple of pretty hard freezes since then. They’re only about an inch out of the ground, but so green and full of life! Thanks for sharing yours.

    1. John Hric Post author

      I am just glad I was able to take as many pictures last summer to get through this time of the year. Right now there are just a few spots in the yard where the dirt shows. the rest is still snow covered. there are some daffodils showing the tips of there leaves coming out of the ground. after this looooong winter that is pretty exciting !


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