is it find the picture

or let the picture find you ?   nope, nope, maybe, nope, uhm, nope, okay…   well it might have involved a few more vacillating indecisions.  still we did finally decide on a picture.  simple things influence the decision.   do we have any reference on the picture?  this can be notes attached, stranger a memory attached, or the context of the three flowers on either side of the picture.  it does not always have to make sense.  it just needs some kind of reference.  then there are the simple factors – a name in the notes.  and if the flower has not been shown or search comes up just as empty – then the flower is a very good candidate.  sometimes it gets even better – the name or the image just play into the post.  you decide.   the flower is yellow.  plain yellow.  the name Instant Karma.  tonight we will go with good karma.  two images…  so am i cutting the prelude short ?   not in the slightest.  it is time to step back, let the flower talk, and not generate any bad karma.

instant karma det instant karma macro



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