Substantial Evidence

sometimes a plant will respond differently to a different garden and soil.  is that the case with Substantial Evidence ?    this is the first year it bloomed here.  it could be the right plant or it might be a seedling from the parent.  the colors here do not match the description.   the texture of the petals do match the description.  many daylilies will show the effects of a hard rain or a really hot day.  Substantial Evidence has very durable petals.  i believe it has been described like ‘plastic’.  that would not be my choice of words.  let’s leave it at resisting the effects of sun and rain.   all that aside it is a full form and the coloration is an interesting transition from a yellow center to a wide lavender border.   no orange overlay here.  though overlay surely applies in the description.  an intriguing beauty.  heck i might even be tempted to make some full form crosses.  did i say that out loud ?  oops !

substantial evidence det




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