there is a tag for this one.  it may even be in one of the pictures.   the spot in the garden where this seedling sits is known to me.  so for the purposes of this post there is no mystery.  unless someone absolutely insists on knowing the names in the cross.  though i doubt that the front left corner of the second 2012 seedling bed would mean much to others.  still it works for me.  it is a diploid.  it is a shade of red.  and it is moving to the observation bed.  the other thing i know it too many 2012 seedlings are planned for the limited space in this year’s observation bed.  a dilemma that i know i must deal with.  though resolve might be a somewhat misleading word in this case.  two images of that reddish seedling…

12-011 red seedling det 12-011 red seedling macro


7 thoughts on “knowing

    1. John Hric Post author

      Dan – there is a thin white edge on the flower. not a trick of the like. the camera does a decent job of what the flower looks like in person. it just cannot do that final part…


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