next flower

while i might have skipped some flowers as i walked down the rows of Riverbend Garden it was walking the rows.  and this is the next flower.  the eye is a light shade of grey and the edges of the petals are lavender and the center of the petal is a darker shade of purple.  the sepals are a base of cream with traces of the color in the petals.  the overall flower shape is an open star.  a pastel star.  two images…

sdlg km rbg14-012 det sdlg km rbg14-012 macro


9 thoughts on “next flower

      1. John Hric Post author

        Mike, it is very easy. and the beautiful is what you choose. what you like. mostly it is as simple as taking the pollen from one flower and putting it on another flower. I will find a link that does a more thorough explanation. this is a good start here. you might also want to search on ‘how to hybridize daylilies’ or ‘how to make daylily seeds’ read or watch a couple. this one is a good start
        I will try to answer questions if I can. there are lots of places on the web where you can learn. facebook has several daylily pages.

    1. John Hric Post author

      the daylily did all of the difficult work. i just managed to stand in the right spot and get a decent angle to really show the qualities of the flower. i am always glad when the picture lets me share the flower. glad you enjoy it !


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