this is an example of a flower with a fairly big eyezone.   any farther towards the tip of the petal and strange things would start to appear.  and on that note it is late and cinderfella has missed the pumpkin, misplaced the rodent horse, and is generally in that place where strange things might start to appear.  like a whole passle of that zeddy last letter of the alphabet…  in the words of a profound genteel person – gotta go !  two images…

and yes still in that other garden !

sdlg km rbg14-014 det sdlg km rbg14-014 macro

5 thoughts on “eyezone

    1. John Hric Post author

      Dan, I guess there are a few here and there on the flower. Unless you are referring to very tiny teeth at the tips of the petals, which leads me into different subject. Since the edges are not straight we can go with ruffling. if there is a way to do it daylilies will quite happily blur the lines of definition. and that is very much okay. the hint is there.


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