when i look at a flower my reaction whether it is favorable, in between, or not so favorable it still comes down to the elements of the flower and how they come together.  so what do we have ?   We have lots of color.   the colors are not contrasting they are similar hues.  the petals a fairly symmetrical.  and they have something of a cupped shape that reminds me of sea shell cosmos flowers.  also they have a large purple eye zone.  the sepals are evenly spaced between the petals.  so overall the flower has a clear open star shape.  the tips of the sepals have some distortion.   everyone can do there own scoring on the elements and the whole flower.  then there is the other question.  is the flower a finished product or are some of it’s elements planned for the next generation ?  more than anything gardening can be a journey.  two images and no judgement.  this one is not mine to judge…

sdlg km rbg14-019 macro sdlg km rbg14-019 det

4 thoughts on “elements

    1. John Hric Post author

      Deborah, There are several providers in NZ. Just search daylilies NZ. daylilies are shipped bare root – preferably in the beginning or end of the season. I hope you find some you like.

      1. Deborah Moss

        Sorry John – just saw your comment now. Thanks for your advice and time. We have a few “standard” orange ones growing in our garden which were here when we bought the property but it would be nice to add some more exotic varieties. Have a lovely day.

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