great night

tonight was a great night for a little weeding in the garden.  finish clearing the weeds from the one year seedling bed.  and clear the worst of the weeds from last year’s new observation bed.  the weather was a bit on the crisp side with a touch of a breeze.  and the sky was clear and blue.  it was also a great night to drift off on the couch after finding a flower.  now just a bit more text and to really call it a night.  I think the next several nights will be flowers from my friend Dave’s garden.  this is one of his seedlings.   two images…

dw sdlg 14-002 det dw sdlg 14-002 macro

3 thoughts on “great night

  1. dawn

    Nighttime gardening!! How whimsical! How magical! I’ve so got to try that!! I bet in the summer with warm breezes blowing and fireflies like neon fairies your garden is breathtaking! You are so lucky!!


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