is – not is not.  the last couple of days it has been plants that are at Dave’s garden – and not in mine.  tonight it is both.  plants that are in Dave’s garden and are also in my garden.   and while they are both daylilies they are opposites in terms of form.  one – Skinwalker is large and flowing.   a spider form that is listed at 8.5 inches 21.5 cm that if it was uncurled would be considerably more.  and the second is small and roundish – Siloam David Kirchhoff – is listed at 3.5 inches 8.9 cm.  likewise Sinkwalker is tall while Siloam David Kirchoff is not.  so yes both are daylilies.  and they are in both of our gardens.  four images.

dw skinwalker garden IMG_3551 dw skinwalker det IMG_3551 dw siloam david kirchhoff det dw siloam david kirchhoff macro


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