no trumpets

the reason for this title is the shape of this flower.  some flowers are described as trumpets.  the petals make a cone shape that is best described as a trumpet.  some are very closed and cone shaped and others are more open.  today’s flower is so opposite it is anti-cone shaped.  as in no trace of a cone.   the petals radiate out in a flat plane from the very base of the flower.  one of the benefits of this orientation is  you get maximum view of the petals and color.  in the case of this flower it has a very large throat area, no eye zone, and the color of petal tips makes up something like a quarter of the visible surface.  which is another way to say the throat dominates the flower.  perhaps that is why it was named Kermit’s Scream.  a 6 inch 25 cm bloom.  two images…   and yes this one is in Dave’s garden.   and yes yes who needs trumpets when Kermit is screaming so loud ! ? !

dw kermit's scream det dw kermit's scream macro


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