catch me if you can

this is one of those daylilies that gleefully has its way with the ‘rules’.   rules – those silly definitions that we humans use to keep things in neat little boxes.  to which nature and daylilies are naturally oblivious and totally unconcerned.  nature is here to grow.   and daylilies are here to bloom.  first let me say i prefer visual observation rather than physically taking the flower apart.  and despite its complexity the dissecting of this daylily can be done visually, though it might take another dozen images from several angles.  the main thing to keep in mind is that most of the ‘rules’ or forms are not exclusive.  aside from large and small, and single and double.  after that the lines can blur very quickly.  so while the tissue growing from the stamens easily mimics more double petals it is another and quite different physical aspect.  quick get the ladder and rescue that lad from the soapbox.  let’s just summarize quite simply that the presentation of the flower might be a little more than pleasing.  why ?  well just look.  two images from Dave’s garden…

dw red n yellow dbl macro dw red n yellow dbl det


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