Evidence of Aliens that is.  a flower that is named for the unusual shapes it takes some days.  of course if we go with the alien reports it is not surprising that some days the flower will try to blend in with the natives.  and then reveal itself when we least expect it.  one of its appearances is to have twisted sepals.  i will have to look and ask Dave the next time i visit his garden.  for tonight the blending into the background less conspicuous version will have to do.  for myself there is evidence of tired.  the grass is now much shorter than it was.  and there are two trash bins waiting to make their way to the compost pile.   now back to this Alien.   two images…

dw evidence of aliens macro dw evidence of aliens det


6 thoughts on “evidence

    1. John Hric Post author

      Dan, I would rather see the other pictures of this flower than the supermarket tabloid… however that is the exact same thing i was thinking. sometimes the names can be as much fun as the flowers.

    1. John Hric Post author

      The yard work is just beginning. Moved all of the plants out of the observation bed today. and even had time to move one in from the seedling bed.


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