Storm Shelter

sometimes there is spill over.  what is happening in the garden is happening outside the garden.  sometimes the short term answer is not the long term answer.  sometimes we need to get more people involved and ask new questions.  and hopefully find new answers.  so that both the short term answer and the long term answer are both reasonably what is best.  and no i do not have all of the questions and even less of the answers.  the only answer i do have is the storm shelter in this case may not be the answer we want.  now back to the flower, Storm Shelter.  Now to find a flower where we are able to ride things out in the open….  two images from Dave’s garden.  lastly i have been to Rudy Rogers park and i think Rudy taught many of us that there are other answers.  we would do well to remember his wisdom, dedication, and optimism.  thank you Rudy.  perhaps we can still ride this out in the open.

dw storm shelter macro dw storm shelter det


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