a measure of spring

please hold on tight while we readjust the garden…  we are back to familiar territory.  these are a few scenes around the yard today.  the scilla are in bloom.

blue scilla det

the daffs are done

daf spent

the columbine are ready.  it is probably the closest we can come to holding a cloud…

white columbine blossom

the daylily bud who wanted to be first is falling back into line waiting its turn

papper butterfly withered scape

the fuchsia are doing what they do best…

fuschia blooms

this is what humming bird bait looks like.  and i watched the little green lightning bolt come to rest on its nearby perch


the last of the buds on the lilac are ready to open


the earliest species daylily dortmundi is beckoning


and a seedling that surprised even me has claimed first place…  it planted itself and told me that doubles can be beautiful !

not doodle bug seedling IMG_7515


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