what am i waiting for ?

well now that there have been some daylilies bloom what comes next ?  waiting and some more waiting.  the peony will bloom.  lupines will bloom.  and the columbine will continue to bloom.  and eventually… eventually… yes eventually the other daylilies will come into bloom.  so a columbine bud from this year and Rory Gallagher from last year’s daylily bloom…  three images

columbine purple bud IMG_7490

rory gallagher det IMG_3373 rory gallagher macro IMG_3373


4 thoughts on “what am i waiting for ?

  1. mltrautz@yahoo.com

    I have been pleased this year because so far I have had something blooming at all times. I planted a lot of new flowers between last year and this year. But I do want to start taking regular pictures so I will be able to rearrange and always have something blooming.


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