certain seedlings i hold onto.  this one has several simple elements that once the flower assembles them work more than effectively.  they grab my attention.  and like so many others the past few days this flower needs to be used in some crosses.  and if and when seeds come they need to be planted.  two images…

fdr seedling IMG_1818 macro fdr seedling IMG_1818


5 thoughts on “hold

    1. John Hric Post author

      technical enough. And I overlooked that aspect. thanks for pointing it out. the sepals ( the back three petals ) often are different from the petals. or perhaps more accurately they are slower to take on the characteristics of the petals. so what ever genetics are controlling the petals, they have to be fairly strong to have the sepals follow suit and take on the look or texture of the petals. that is my general observation. I have not seen anyone else put it in those terms. Similarly getting edge coloration or teeth onto the sepals to match the petals takes extra effort. the sepals are slow to follow suit. so to answer your question – no it is not unusual, it is more common for the sepals to do their own thing, Perhaps a yin and yang thing going on in daylilies.


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