it rained this morning

and it is raining again now.  so the hosta looked like this…  bejeweled with water.

hosta leaf n water IMG_7821

and Isolde looked like this.  it is a poly.  extra petals.  four petals instead of three, and three sepals.  and to match the pattern there are 7 stamens, one for each petal and sepal.  if you look carefully there are two stamen next to the pistil.

isolde det odd poly macro IMG_7815 isolde det odd poly IMG_7815


i do believe the tide has turned.

9 thoughts on “it rained this morning

    1. John Hric Post author

      I would love to be able send you some rain. We needed it too. It seems the weather has either been feast or famine and not so much in between.

    1. John Hric Post author

      It is all a matter of perspective. Rained again last night. Still lots of drops on the leaves. And getting in the right spot to get a picture would involve a secondary show so to speak. Of course considering the alternatives I will gladly take the rain. Have great day !


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