when i woke up at 4 AM on the couch the decision was simple.  the post could keep until a later hour.  sure the pictures were chosen.  too many actually.  there were three new flowers blooming yesterday.  a walloping total of 5 different flowers in bloom.  today there are now new flowers blooming.  so the choice to post a single flower was a fairly good one.  so here is another bloom from this Thursday.  and we will see what flowers Saturday brings to the show.  if you look at this sea of green you might just pick out a bit of red.  this was my quest – get close enough to get a good image.  preferably without using one of those planet detector telescopes.  and then try to get a good angle on the bloom.  take your pic.  sometimes both angles are better.  a single view does not capture everything that the flower has to show.  and for good measure we will come in close.  four images…  Eggplant Escapade.

yard IMG_7878

eggplant escapade det 2 eggplant escapade det IMG_7881

eggplant escapade 2 macro

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