waking before midnight

most nights this the course – drift off and then drift back.  then again i had something big to pull me back tonight.  this is the image that greeted me this morning – as i rushed off to the day.  it was big.  is big.  and i hoped when i returned i would get a picture.    yes.    the four AM rain did not hurt it.  fairly sure it open after the rain.   two images of Poultry In Motion – followed by two more images of Isolde…

poultry in motion det IMG_7894

to put this in scale – it is about a 10 inch – 25.5 cm bloom.

poultry in motion scale IMG_7895


and it opens flat as a dinner plate.  no trumpting, so there is as much front view of the flower as you can hope for.

poultry in motion side view


this is Isolde doing its poly – four petals four sepals thing.

isolde poly IMG_7909


and if one looks closely at the bloom one can tell what the next bud might do.  another poly.

isolde next poly

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