sitting on the veranda…

is it possible to post from the veranda in the middle of a summer day ?   well it might not be a veranda, more of a pavilion.   hmmm looked up pavilion and it is certainly not that fancy.  let’s go back to veranda, even though covered patio might be a more accurate description.  well when it is raining off and on that is the place to be.  especially when rain rhymes with pouring cats and dogs.  well it is possible to start posting on the veranda.  and then pause…  now it is no longer the middle of the day.  now where are those pictures…?

first something a little abstract from a hot muggy afternoon…

abstract rain on the drive

second the not so abstract rain on the drive and the line of turf with no clover.  a place where one night the lawnmower ran out of gas.  and a line without clover that remains where i ran out of sunshine…

yard rain one strip of cut grass IMG_7980

this is a flower that has been in the garden a long time.  it has been in other gardens even longer.  Tasmania was introduced in 1950.  it is a bi-color with orange red with lighter sepals.  and Tasmania is an early bloomer.

tasmania grdn IMG_7953


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