deja vu

sorta.  the plants we looked at last night – the nocturnals – were open this morning.  so strictly speaking it is not quite the same.  still here they are .  nine images…

Mera’s Magic

Mera'a Magic grdn IMG_8079

Mera'a Magic det IMG_8079

Mera'a Magic macro IMG_8079

Heavenly Blast to the Past

heavenly blast to the past  grdn IMG_8080

heavenly blast to the past  det IMG_8080 heavenly blast to the past macro IMG_8080

Stella’s Ruffled Fingers

stella's ruffled fingers grdn IMG_8093

stella's ruffled fingers det IMG_8093 stella's ruffled fingers macro IMG_8091




5 thoughts on “deja vu

    1. John Hric Post author

      That is Stella’s Ruffled Fingers. With just a touch of attention it will bloom all season. One of the first to bloom and one of the last to finish most years. It took a year or two to get settled in here. It is a small plant with a big punch. It is only about height 19in (48cm), bloom 3.75in (9.5cm) and it leaves most of them in its dust – so to speak. Oh did i mention i am bonkers for this plant ? I love it all summer long. I moved it to a spot where it is always in sight.


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