pink with chalk.  that is one description of this daylily.  star shaped.  narrow petaled.  clean color.  there are no doubt things you might notice that i have either skipped or will never see.  flowers are all in the individual perception.  what do you perceive ?  or sometimes the question is ‘what time do we give ourselves to perceive ?’  sometimes too much, sometimes too little.  give yourself a little time to make your day a little more enriched and experienced.  where ever you discover beauty.  Bejeweled, two images…

bejeweled macro bejeweled det

3 thoughts on “pink

  1. The Road to Joy

    Your daylilies are like kaleidescopes, with every petal and color pattern so perfectly in place. I love the texture of the pink color, and our human tendency to describe it in terms of something manmade and familiar–chalk! I love to examine the tiniest flowers in the grass–each one is its own unique little universe. I can understand why you love daylilies!


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