it rained this morning.  just about all morning.  there was a short break – barely – when i was able to snap some wet pics.  wet and shredded.  then the rains really came back and poured and poured.  the reflecting pool was all over the back yard.  about 1 PM the rains pretty much stopped.   and the damage had been done.  daylilies like rain.  it makes them grow.  it is not so kind to the flowers.  an extended downpour shreds the flowers.  it also floods streams and rivers.  today it did just that.  i opted to not wade through the mess and take more pictures.  two images.  and we will try to come back to this seedling on a better day.

yard view rain IMG_8741

Cameroons x Thais qqqq garden rain IMG_8768




9 thoughts on “rain

  1. angela1313

    It was nice to see the longer view. As someone trying very hard to replace lawn with blooming things you have given me an inspiration.

    1. John Hric Post author

      angela – grass is green mulch to keep the soil in place until you can make it a garden. I wish you success with your gardening efforts !


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