this is a seedling from a garden in the Dayton, Ohio area.  this past weekend there was an event where several gardens where on exhibit.  these are hybridizer gardens.  gardens where the hybridizers specialize in a variety of different daylily forms.  daylilies from these gardens were in the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday posts.  this is another, a large yellow spidery type.  seeing all of these flowers and gardens was quite an amazing experience.  overwhelming.  on the other hand it was very good to get back and see what is happening here in this garden.  and of course a few more daylilies found their way home with me.  three images, the seedling and one of the daylilies that followed me home…

VOD spider yellow 001 macro VOD spider yellow 001 det slim harpo  det IMG_0578

2 thoughts on “seedling

  1. John Hric Post author

    Dayton is lovely this time of year – with all of the daylilies in bloom. And believe me there were a lot in bloom. Glad you enjoy the flowers Michelle !


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