things and flowers

things first – i shall be trying this cherished blogfest thingy.  if you are at all tempted well consider yourself invited.  click on the icon and join in.  okay part one is done, or should i say started…  part two a random collection of flowers.  several have subtle shades that suffer from the harsh light of day.  for the photographer the golden time in the garden is limited.  for the gardener it is less limited experience.  so let us look at flowers.  and so sorry about the harsh light…

destined to see det

this next one matured to a color i was not quite expecting.  maybe it will un-mature back to that expected color.  or perhaps the next round of crosses will stir some newer shades…

11-0730-F Trahlyta x Open Hearth det

all of these next group have a subtle shade here and sometimes there.  this is an excellent setup line for pun light…  bad humor that is less filling… now back to more flowers…

pink seedling 14-000 det 14-000 red seedling det smoke scream x purple satellite det 12g-003 sgp x smquest det party array det pink 11-000 det

and lastly a flower that wants more light.  it blooms – just not merrily so.  perhaps a move to a bit more light will release the blooms.  for this i will disturb the feng shui of this garden.  or could that be the problem ?  the plot thickens – the flower is aptly named for this tale – Morticia.  could it be her habit of dead heading roses carried over to daylilies ?

morticia macro morticia det


4 thoughts on “things and flowers

  1. Dan Antion

    These are all besutiful John but that first one is so complex. I really like that. So glad you’re going to join us for the Cherished Blogfest. I look forward to reading that post.


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