everyone can go into the garden and perceive what is there.  everyone.  and most of us perceive the garden on several different levels.  some of those levels of perception we might find hard to put into words.  mostly because we rarely use the language of that perception.  so we have to stretch to reach the other 495 words Eskimos use for snow.  so with that in mind we are going to put down the blast shield and see if we can defeat the training droid on a non visual level.  today’s flower is Chromatic Love Affair.  we will save the chromatic colorful part till later.  let’s get our feet wet on the basics first.  the flower is a flattened open star shape.  by flattened i mean it has only the slightest hint of the trumpet shape when the bud first started to open.  there is a small shallow depression at the center of the flower.  from there the petals radiate out on a flat dinner plate plane.  and the tips of the petals gently curve back behind that plane.  there is plenty of space between the six evenly spaced petals.  and the subtle twists and turns of the tips of the petals define and shape the space around the circumference of  the flower.  the space undulates with its own graceful rhythm.  this is not a daisy forming a tight series of petals squeezing out all the space between them with an outer edge making a neatly cut uniform circle.  this flower flows and plays with the space between each petal.  hmmm we might be nearly ready to explore chromatics.  this flower is what is called a polychrome.  like the rainbow the shades of color gently flows from one to the next with no clear line separating one color from another.  or perhaps better like a musical note where one note flows softly into another.  all of the colors are pastels.  like the softest of musical tones, nothing sharp, loud, or strong.  for the next part let’s step into the day and use a blindfold so we have to feel the rays of the sun.  we will use different parts of the day for our comparison.  the very center of the flower is a pastel green.  it is no where near as loud as the green of the leaves, it is only a whisper.  it is the feel of the sunlight just after the sun breaks the horizon.  just that moment before the rays of the sun start to warm the skin.  from the green the petals blend into a soft yellow.  it is not quite the feel of the heat of the 9 AM sun.  it is working towards that heat and glow though the volume of that voice is a half or a third of the 9 AM voice.  and it is no where near the volume as the sun heads to 10 AM and the full burn of noon.  the yellow flows up the center line of the petal.  and it gently changes note to a pale whispering pink.  pink would cover that gradual glow that slowly builds after the dawn and is gradually drowned out by the slightly louder slightly warmer heat of yellow.  though the yellow and pink running in line with the length of the petal are delicate veins.  their color is loud enough to notice up close.  however it is not so loud that you can notice it stepping back from the flower.  it quickly fades into the background noise.  all in all the flower is a delicate graceful thing that needs quiet observation to properly observe it qualities.  so while a picture might be worth a thousand words.  sometimes a thousand words help us touch, feel, sense, smell, and otherwise perceive a picture.  those thousand words give us the option to communicate the picture in a non visual way.   now keep your blast shields down and tell me if you like the picture….

chromatic love affair macro chromatic love affair det


14 thoughts on “perceptions

  1. clarepooley33

    I loved reading your description of this flower. It was quite poetic – lovely! Not only did you explain the flower to me technically with your head but also lovingly with your heart. Yes, I do like this bloom very much.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Clare – thanks. It was an interesting process describing it this way. glad it worked. It took a while. I wonder if it would get easier with practice. Though I don’t know that I would want to do this approach every day.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Dan – the Blogfest was largely responsible for the direction of the post. Visiting the other blog pages ( and I am not even half done ) has given me a glimpse of some of the other perspectives… and how at least occasionally it might affect the way I might want to post….
      Thanks !

    1. John Hric Post author

      I love that I now have three choices. I like each of the colors. And all three plants – so far – are about the same height, same bloom size, and they all started blooming late like the parent Sky Captain.


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