what’s the hurry

when a flower is fairly new it takes a while for it to settle into the garden.   rarely will a daylily take off gang busters the first year.  most will do okay year one, better year two, and then year three really show you what they have got.  there are exceptions to that generalization.   some people would call it a rule.  in fact there are plants that will take a little longer.  considering the strange weather the last couple of years and the established plants that took a season off this summer and last i will stick to the word generalization.  then there is the situation where one has to come to understand the plant.  what elements of the plant’s growth and behaviour do i understand  or not fully understand ?   what element will i try to work towards in a cross with another plant ?  does this plant have too much droop for my liking ?  and yet will that too much droop combine with a got no droop plant and give me just the right amount of droop in one of its seedlings ?  yes you can gamble in the garden and have fun at the same time.  and even if it has too much droop, can something be done with the wonderful large purple eyezone ?   sooner or later i will come to understand this plant better.  what’s the hurry ?   two images…

orchid convergence macro orchid convergence det

























2 thoughts on “what’s the hurry

    1. John Hric Post author

      Perhaps. That days flower is very droopy. Does it do this every day ? However if one is trying to get the droop crossed into another flower this might just be the flower to pass it on. life is a series of adjustments.


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