the perfect flower

hmmm can two subjects be woven into one post ?  the season is ending in a similar fashion to its start.  there are 10 or so daylilies blooming and repeating the same images each day quickly looses its novelty.  so could any of them be the perfect flower ?  or could any of these be the perfect flower ?

salvia white IMG_5351 black eyed susan IMG_5354  black eyed susan det IMG_5355 am seedling IMG_5357

then there is this interesting flower.  the dim light has fooled the camera.  it is not as dark as it seems.  this plant is doing what is known as bud building.  as long as growing conditions are sufficient it keeps adding a new blossom.  each branching has about 12 bud scars so far.  and the last image gives a better sense of the available light.  and a sense of the potential bloom.

10-035 trahlyta x bam IMG_5359 10-035 trahlyta x bam bud scars IMG_536010-035 trahlyta x bam bud scars 2 IMG_5361   now back to the other grey area.  so what is the perfect flower ?   is it one in the fading light ?  one in the fading summer ?  one i can see today ?  one i can remember tomorrow? or imagine next summer ?  a flower i can hold in my hand ?  or is it any flower that can be enjoyed in any of its many forms ?  even over the electronic medium ?   where ever it is i do hope you find it.  if only for a moment.  and for a memory.

5 thoughts on “the perfect flower

  1. Dan Antion

    I’m not sure what the black and yellow “Daisies” are. I always think of them as daisies but they grow like weeds in our yard. I always find them to be stunning, with the perfect amount of contrast. I’m careful to trim and mow around them and we just enjoy them while they last. If there is a perfect flower John, I’m guessing it would chose to hide in your yard.


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