here and there

yes it is still that time of year.  there is a bloom here and a bloom there.  mostly the blooms are not here.  we have gone from many to occasional.  it is a good thing i have learned not to argue with mother nature.  besides it is very difficult to pick seed pods when the flowers are in the way.   so this empty season is not completely empty.  this is one of the stragglers here in the garden.  the seed pods are great, the remaining scattered blooms are still great to see.  Purple Grasshopper.   two images…

purple grasshopper macro purple grasshopper det


2 thoughts on “here and there

  1. Dan Antion

    Your blog is now one of the leading indicators that summer is coming to an end John. I love the lines in these photos, everything seems like it’s trying to be straight.

  2. John Hric Post author

    If only i could remember to put the picture of the flower absent yard in the post… 30 second attention span. oh well it can go in tonight. i am glad the lines work for you. i had not even considered that part. i just needed to pick out a flower for the night. some days i can be very low maintenance. will have to see what i come up with for tonight. perhaps another flower… and if the grey matter is working that picture of the emptyish yard. ah WP is uncomfortable with the word emptyish….


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