orange petal

at this stage of the season it is probably not an orange petal express.  orange is always an attention getter.  express or not.  this was one of the very last plants to start blooming.  so while just about every thing else is done this flower is providing color.  and it still has quite a few more blooms to go.  it is also another good plant to be a parent to more late blooming plants.  i just hope the seeds are ripe before it gets seriously cold.  i do prefer to do my gambling in the garden.  and tonight we did remember to add a picture of the mostly empty yard.  three images…

sparse bloom IMG_5373

mahieu seedling late orange macro mahieu seedling late orange det



6 thoughts on “orange petal

    1. John Hric Post author

      Dan – are the migratory daylilies from your neighbor’s yard still blooming ? Some daylilies are kept because of the timing of their bloom. This one was part of a trade with a lady from Arkansas. I found my notes from last year. It looks to be a consistent late season bloomer. and this year i have made several crosses with other late season plants. I would say blooms early or late are welcome guests.

      1. John Hric Post author

        sometimes the daylilies are assisted in their brief bloom cycle. though it is just ‘sometimes’ maybe Maddie is developing and appreciation for them. Or not.

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