living on the edge

well that’s a good start to move in any one of six or sixteen different directions.  the edge of summer ?  the edge of the daylily petal ?   coming back to the same flower too soon ?  or showing two different flowers in one post and risk running out of images during the off season.  or go really over the edge and admit there is an off ( finite bloom) season.   or really really over the edge and make a non-affirmative statement about Tinker Bell.  that might be too far for even me…  now to those alleged flowers whose ephemeral existence cannot be extended by affirmative statements.  let’s go with two different flowers on the same day, Good Rockin Tonight and Unique Purple.  One is tall and red and the other is short and purple.  One has been here a good while and the other is on its second year in the garden.  both still hold my attention fairly well and there is still much to learn about both of them.  especially what sort of plants that might come from using these plants in other crosses.  Good Rockin Tonight is the tall and red.  would it be too much to ask for Unique Purple to be purple ?   could that tingling be my sense of edge ?   or the scotch ?  ( that was not dry humor…)  four images…

unique purple macro unique purple det good rockin tonight macro good rockin tonight det

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