some days

are better than others.  one day a flower can be in so so form.  the next day it can be a little better.  or it can be great.  it depends on several factors, the weather and temps – both over night and the preceding days.   and the plants genetics both in how consistent the plant form is and how the plant responds to fluctuations in the weather.   with a cool cool morning some blooms will never quite fully open.  other blooms are unfazed by a cool morning and open fully and early in the day.  Peacock Maiden is an early season plant and does not seem to be affected by early morning temps.  it does vary in form from day to day.  and some days are definitely better than others.  of course personal taste also enters into which day is better than the other.  two images…

Peacock Maiden good hair day det 2 Peacock Maiden good hair day det

5 thoughts on “some days

    1. John Hric Post author

      I will have to look at the flower a little longer. right now I am not seeing it. Though as I was writing the post somehow the wisdom came to me that some would choose A and the others B. And it would be for all kinds of different reasons from any choice I make. Variety. Always variety. And that is good.


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