time in the garden

we are still at Heavenly Gardens.  the next several days will be images from there on July 3rd.  it was a fairly quick trip through the garden.  not a dash and not a stroll.  opening the car doors disturbed the air pressure enough to start the drizzle.  did not need to slam them to get the drizzle going.  and the ground was already wet from the previous days.  it was wet.  some sections were for looking across.  not at all for walking across.  and some days it is like that in the garden.  here are a couple more flowers.  the first is about an eight inch 20.32 cm star.  thank goodness for the portable gauge.  the second flower has edges, some patterning, pinching, and a few other things going on.  these flowers can range from simple to complex and everywhere between.  five images…

hg_9697 grdn view

hg_9626 yellow star det hg_9627 yellow star det

hg_9628 orchid star det hg_9628 orchid star macro


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