same garden

same drizzle.  lotsa daylilies.  and not enough time to get them pictures.  so i guess it is zen shower photography.  dodge between the drops grasshopper.  oh and move faster than the skeeters too.  several flowers, a power pyramid eye, a pattern, and a double.  did i say a power pyramid ?  some of these expressions might just be my own.  and while a bit flippant not meant to be disparaging.  there are too many syllables in disparaging.  still it could almost rhyme with asparagus – if there is enough compost in the garden.  now for those flowers…  all 5 images…

hg_9656 pink det hg_9657 orchid grdn

hg_9657 orchid det hg_9657 orchid macro

hg_9668 white dbl det


3 thoughts on “same garden

    1. John Hric Post author

      Variety ! Everyone has different tastes. I am mainly going through the pictures in the order the garden was walked and the pictures were taken. It sometimes limits the color/flower choices, still it keeps it a little simpler trying to remember which flowers were posted. It mostly keeps me from posting the same picture a second time a few days later. Memory – I have an excellent one, if I could only remember where I put it !


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