still pics from July 3.  still dodging the drizzle.  except one patient soul.  three flowers and one mystery guest.  a light colored flower with a deep deep eye color.  a big yellow spider.  and another with a deep colored eyezone.  and a surprise guest.  do you see the guest in the garden?  i did not at first.  not until tonight.  6 images… and one guest…

hg_9727 pink dark eye grdn hg_9727 pink dark eye det

hg_9728 yellow spdr det hg_9735 cream red eye det

hg_9735 cream red eye macro hg_9735 cream red eye macro 2 anachrid

lingering at the edge and trying to blend in.   a crab spider.  it is nature.  and nature at its best.  the crab spider has an incredible talent.  it spends a few days in flowers of the same color and like a chameleon it changes color to match the flower.  one would almost think it knows enough to stay out of the red zone…


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